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Graduated in Electrical Engineering (UFSC, 1987), MSc in Electrical Engineering (UFSC, 1990), and PhD in Computer Science (IRISA - Université de Rennes I, France, 1994).

Currently he is a professor at the computer science graduate program at Federal University of Paraná (since 2015). Previously, he was a professor at the Computer Science Department at UTFPR (2011-2015), at PPGIa/PUCPR (1998-2011), and an assistant professor at DAS/UFSC (1996-1998).

He was a visiting faculty at École des Mines de Nantes - France (1999-2001), University of Rennes I - France (2008), University of Milan/Crema - Italy (2009), and INRIA Bretagne Research Center, Rennes - France (2018).

In 2001 he co-founded (with prof. Joni Fraga) the Brazilian Workshop on Information Security, which later became the Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computing Systems Security (SBSeg).

He was the first coordinator of the Special Interest Group in Security of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), and the Brazilian representative at IFIP TC-11 (2006-2010).

His research activities involve resource management and security in operating systems and distributed systems.



Interest topics: security and resource management in operating systems and distributed systems.

More information:

Member of the SBC - Brazilian Computer Society, co-founder of the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Systems Security and of the SBC Special Interest Group in Computer Security.


Linux Logo Linux enthusiast and power-user since 1993. I wrote my PhD thesis using Linux, in a notebook with the SLS distribution (thanks Noël Plouzeau!).

The first kernel I compiled by myself was 0.99.14.

My Erdös number is 3: Paul Erdös (0) → Shmuel Zaks (1) → Michel Raynal (2) → Carlos Maziero (3). The papers linking us are:

  1. Minimum-Diameter Cyclic Arrangements in Mapping Data-Flow Graphs onto VLSI Arrays.
    P. Erdős, I. Koren, S. Moran, G. Silberman, S. Zaks.
    In: Mathematical Systems Theory 21, 85-98, Springer-Verlag, 1988.
  2. On-the-fly replay: a practical paradigm and its implementation for distributed debugging.
    O. Gerstel, S. Zaks, M. Hurfin, N. Plouzeau, M. Raynal.
    In: 6th IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, 1994.
  3. A distributed kernel for virtual time driven applications.
    Ph. Ingels, C. Maziero, M. Raynal.
    In: 4th IEEE Intl Conference on Computing and Information, 1992.

Similarly, my Einstein Number is 5: Albert Einstein (0) → Ernst Gabor Straus (1) → Béla Bollobás (2) → Jean-Claude Bermond (3) → Michel Raynal (4) → Carlos Maziero (5). The papers linking us are:

  1. Einstein, A.; Straus, E. The influence of the expansion of space on the gravitation fields surrounding the individual stars. Rev. Modern Physics. 17, (1945). 120–124.
  2. Bollobás, B.; Erdős, P.; Straus, E. Complete subgraphs of chromatic graphs and hypergraphs. Utilitas Math. 6 (1974), 343–347.
  3. Bermond, J.-C.; Bollobás, B. The diameter of graphs—a survey. Proceedings of the Twelfth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, Vol. I (Baton Rouge, La., 1981). Congr. Numer. 32 (1981), 3–27.
  4. Bermond, J.-C.; König, J.-C.; Raynal, M. General and efficient decentralized consensus protocols. Distributed algorithms (Amsterdam, 1987), 41–56, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 312, Springer, Berlin, 1988.
  5. Ingels, Ph.; Maziero, C.; Raynal, M. A distributed kernel for virtual time driven applications. 4th IEEE Intl Conference on Computing and Information, 1992.
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